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Innovative design

Using the very latest cutting edge technology and pushing boundaries has allowed System Vision to provide unique tailored solutions to meet the challenges presented by todays initiatives to reduce low level volume crime and anti social behaviour. Partnerships with some of the best known IT and Telecommunications providers has allowed major leaps forward in a technology solution.

Proven results

To date System Vision have provided over 1500 evidence videos a considerable number of which have been detected and dealt with. System Vision have an enviable 100% success record in defended prosecutions.

Cracking down on crime

Is combating low level volume crime a big deal for you? In a climate where low level volume crime and anti social behaviour presents enormous challenges, it is difficult for authorities to formulate strategies and develop action plans to combat the issues. System Vision presents its range of products and bespoke design installation and management service as an additional range of tools to add to your toolbox.

The right choice

From standard designs to bespoke systems our specialist knowledge and expertise ensures that System Vision Ltd can offer a solution that will deliver. All systems exceed the minimum requirements recommended for Data Protection and address Human Rights issues at source.

For more information or just a brief insight into solutions available to meet your needs please contact us by email phone or fax.

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